Electronic Shelf Labels: Is Cheaper Always Better?

Is your store considering using electronic shelf labels?

There are many ESL companies out there, each offering unique features.

So how do you choose which ESL provider to go with?

The one that quotes you for the lowest, right?

It’s not that straightforward. While price plays a large role when purchasing ESLs for an entire store or chain of stores, it should not be the determining factor. There are plenty of other things that matter, too. Service, for example.

To illustrate this, think about eating out at a restaurant.

You aren’t just paying for the food. You aren’t just paying for the drinks.

You’re also paying for the experience – the service.

Need a water refill? Need to add a dish to your order? Need something, anything? Call the waiter/waitress and they’ll be happy to help you out. (They do get a tip, after all)

Now think about getting a Happy Meal from your local McDonald’s, where what you get is what you get and all you get – fast food.

See, most ESL providers are focused on the sale, selling you a product (electronic shelf labels, in this case), getting you as a paying customer.

Not Smart Label Solutions.

Instead, Smart Label Solutions™ is focused on providing a restaurant-like ESL experience.

As a service-minded solution provider, when you choose Smart Label Solutions™, you not only get ESLs, but also ESL service:

  • 1-800 telephone support
  • 48hr emergency onsite support
  • Onsite visits with reports
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Customized templates for holiday & promo sales
  • 10 template designs per ESL size
  • ESL operation monitoring
  • 1-year warranty
  • Training video and manual
  • Software updates

Why choose Smart Label Solutions™ as your ESL solution provider and partner

Smart Label Solutions™ is a solution driven, service minded company, and a world leading e-paper application provider with over 32 years of experience and excellence in the label industry. We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest retailers, and as a people-first company, we build trusting partnerships with our clients. Our electronic shelf label solution is tailored to suit your individual store scenario.

Get in touch with SLS today to get started with electronic shelf labels.