EPaper Featured on ArcStone’s Deal Pulse Podcast

Jack Bensimon, Managing Director, ⁠ArcStone Securities & Investments⁠

Ivan Pak, Chief Development Officer, ⁠International EPaper⁠ Technology Corp.
Diane J. Brisebois, President & CEO, ⁠Retail Council of Canada⁠
Tarek Marroushi, President & Director of Operations and Engineering, ⁠CP-Stoneman Inc.

Deal Pulse Podcast:

About International EPaper Technology Corp.

International EPaper Technology Corp., established in 1991, is a Canadian company specializing in e-paper application technology. As a division of Printers Plus Inc., it stands as a global leader in this domain. The company offers a diverse range of electronic shelf labels (ESLs) in various sizes and colours, enhancing retail digitization automating price management, and improving the in-store shopping experience.

About ArcStone Securities and Investments Corp.

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ArcStone presents a comprehensive product range, including crowdfunding, merger & acquisition advisory, and debt structuring/raising, catering specifically to companies operating within the $20 million to $1 billion range, thereby distinctly positioning itself for mid-market entities.

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