Smart Label Solutions Partners™ with Top 5 ESL Provider

We are excited to announce that Smart Label Solutions™ has just signed an exclusive deal with a top 5 ESL provider, who will be working with us as our strategic business partner.

Electronic shelf labels are the new trend for the retail industry, especially for Canadian retailers. Having been in the label business for 32 years and having worked with hundreds of Canadian businesses, we are looking forward to serving Canadian retailers with the technology they need to become successful in the digital age.

With over 500 employees, a brilliant R&D team, over 90 global intellectual properties, and an annual ESL production capacity at over 100 million pieces, Smart Label Solutions is ready to implement electronic shelf labels for any retailer looking for a robust automated pricing system. To date, more than 25,000 stores globally have installed our solutions.

Why choose Smart Label Solutions™ as your ESL solution provider and partner

Smart Label Solutions™ is a solution driven, service minded company, and a world leading e-paper application provider with over 32 years of experience and excellence in the label industry. We’ve worked with some of the world’s largest retailers, and as a people-first company, we build trusting partnerships with our clients. Our electronic shelf label solution is tailored to suit your individual store scenario.

Get in touch with SLS today to get started with electronic shelf labels.